Go somewhere really touristy and take non-tourist pictures

Going somewhere really touristy and taking non-tourist pictures can be a fun and challenging way to find beauty in familiar places. Instead of taking the same postcard-perfect shots that everyone else is taking, try to find a different perspective or angle that reveals something new and interesting about the location.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Look for details and textures that are often overlooked, such as the patterns in a cobblestone street, the graffiti on a wall, or the rust on an old sign.
  • Seek out unexpected compositions, such as reflections in a window or water, or juxtapositions of different elements in the scene.
  • Experiment with different focal lengths and depths of field to create more abstract or expressive images.
  • Try to capture the atmosphere and mood of the place, rather than just the landmarks or tourist attractions.

Remember to be respectful of the people and places you are photographing, and always ask for permission if you are taking close-up shots of someone or something. By going beyond the typical tourist shots, you can create unique and original images that showcase the beauty of the location in a new and unexpected way