You are free to choose from different daily photography tasks.


On each workshop day, we will meet, depending on our day’s theme, either early in the morning or at noon and take on a photographic assignment in the context of the city and its culture and history. Based on the individual photographer’s concept, which we will tailor to each participant during the workshop. You are free to choose from different daily photography tasks to continue the workshop day in the group, alone or with fellow photographers. In the evening or the next day we will review your photographic work before we prepare for our next assignment.


  1. Shoot close on a busy street, without your presence being felt
  2. Contrast, movement and stillness in a single frame 
  3. Show beauty in the banal 
  4. Go somewhere really touristy and take non-tourist pictures
  5. Instil a powerful narrative in your picture 


  1. Create a picture within a picture
  2. Take us on a journey through your pictures
  3. Shoot backgrounds for portraits
  4. Enhance the drama by working with strong compositions lines
  5. Capture movement



  1. Make light the subject of your photograph
  2. Let a window do all the talking
  3. Turn form into rhythm
  4. Sit on one spot and only take pictures when the light is at its most beautiful
  5. Photograph body and shadow



  1. Create a drama around the edge of your frame
  2. Be at war with the obvious
  3. Walk until you get lost and take a picture then
  4. Create ambiguity with a blend of natural and artificial light
  5. Abstract a scene, that it becomes a new meaning



  1. Head out with a fellow photographer and play a game of photography dare
  2. Provocate a reaction with your camera, by overstepping a line
  3. Imagine you are the communicator between two people
  4. Take a beautiful picture that follows no composition rules
  5. Take an ugly picture of something beautiful


  1. Take a portrait using a window for the lightning
  2. Take a group portrait that captures the individuality of each subject
  3. Make a portrait without them being in the picture
  4. Work with the silhouette of your subject
  5. Use a strong pose for the portrait