„Join me for an unforgettable photographic journey“

I am Joerg Alexander, a seasoned photographer with four decades of experience working internationally in fashion, advertising, and pursuing my own artistic projects. For many years, I have been deeply connected to Cuba, pursuing my own photographic endeavors in this captivating country. As the instructor of the Masterclass in Havana, I bring my expertise and passion to guide participants in expanding their photographic skills and exploring the beauty of this unique location.

The aim of my Masterclass is to provide enthusiastic photo seekers with a solid artistic foundation and the opportunity to immediately apply their skills in the vibrant and visually stunning environment of Havana. Drawing from my extensive experience, I share my knowledge and insights with participants, helping them develop a discerning eye and a strong artistic vision.

With a mindful approach to photography, I encourage participants to connect their photography with their mind, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of their surroundings. By embracing the concept of slow photography, we take the time to observe, contemplate, and truly engage with the subjects we capture. In a world driven by fast-paced digital photography, this approach allows us to rediscover the joy and intentionality in our craft.

Throughout the Masterclass, I guide participants in broadening and deepening their vision. Drawing inspiration from my own artistic projects in Cuba, I encourage participants to see beyond the surface and capture the essence of the city and its people. By exploring various techniques, perspectives, and styles, participants develop their own unique photographic voice, enabling them to create images that resonate with authenticity and emotion.

In addition to technical skills, I emphasize the importance of the connection between photography and the mind. I encourage participants to be fully present in the moment, to cultivate mindfulness, and to tap into their own creative intuition. By developing this mindful approach, participants can create images that not only showcase technical excellence but also convey a deeper narrative and evoke a genuine emotional response.

During our Masterclass, participants have the opportunity to join me on visually inspiring tours through the streets, markets, and landscapes of Havana. These tours provide practical experience and allow participants to apply their newfound knowledge in real-life situations. Through feedback and personalized guidance, I support participants in honing their skills and pushing the boundaries of their creativity.

By the end of the Masterclass, participants will have not only expanded their technical proficiency but also developed a profound connection to their own artistic vision. They will leave Havana with a portfolio of images that reflect their personal growth and capture the essence of this enchanting city. 

My aim is to provide a transformative experience, empowering participants to see the world through a fresh lens and to continue their photographic journey with newfound inspiration and confidence.