15 | Windows

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Windows can be a powerful tool in photography, providing natural light, a frame for the subject, and a sense of place. When photographing people or doing portraits, consider the role that the window plays in the image and how it can be used to create a mood or atmosphere. Use natural or artificial light to highlight details or create contrast, and experiment with backlighting, shadows, and reflections to add depth and interest to the photograph. If the window provides a view of the surroundings, consider including this in the photograph to give a sense of place. By paying attention to the lighting and composition, you can create portraits that are visually interesting and emotionally resonant. Additionally, windows can be used as a metaphor for photography, representing the way that we see and interpret the world, and the boundaries between the viewer and the subject.

Windows, the frame for the view

A way to see the world anew

Light shining through, illuminating

Revealing details, hiding others

A window can be a boundary

Separating inside from outside

A way to observe, to record

To share a vision, a story

A window can be a metaphor

For photography, for the way we see

The world from a different perspective

Capturing moments, telling tales

Windows, the tool for the artist

To create portraits that are true

To the mood, the atmosphere

The emotion, the place

Windows, the medium for the craft

Of photography, of the art

Of seeing, of revealing

Of sharing, of feeling.