| artifical imaging


As a photographer, I strive to open the eye to the diversity of photographic vision and to create a connection between the subject and the viewer that resembles, like an alchemical process that turns oneself and one’s experiences into an image. I am convinced that the interest in a motif depends on the perspective and way of looking at it, and can be increased through attentive viewing. Through the act of viewing, I as a photographer can transform a mundane object into a metaphor or symbol for something meaningful.

The synergy of artificial intelligence and artistic vision creates a unique experience for the viewer. When the viewer engages with generative photography, my intention is to take him on an emotional journey that blurs the lines between the tangible and the imaginary, encouraging reflection and personal interpretation. Since there is no real place or real people, everything starts with an idea, an inspiration, followed by given parameters, an imagination, a point of view, a concept of an imaginary place or a story I want to tell.

Joerg Alexander