• Beginner, amateur, enthusiast, semi-pro and pro photographers with DSLR´s, mirrorless or compact cameras are welcome.

  • All workshops are designed to accommodate all levels. Please note that all instruction will be done in English and German. Spanish only on request.

  •  All participants are expected to be in reasonably good health and able to carry their own equipment while walking several hours daily without slowing down the group.

  • Expect to come away with a greater understanding of what it takes to capture a great photo. Our approach will help you determine what’s a great shot, and what’s not and get you on another level with your photography. Our objective is to help guide you through your approach when looking through the viewfinder. To open your mind and connect your self with your creativity. There are literally thousands of photos surrounding us at any given time. How we choose what we shoot, how we frame or compose, and how we expose, are often the deciding factors to a great photo. We will also discuss the use of editing and post-processing, which done properly, can turn an ordinary image into something spectacular.
  • Photography workshop fees for tuition in the field and individual lectures.
  • People-to-People activities, meet with musicians, artists and entrepreneurs.
  • Professional photographer and tutor
  • Photographer assistants and guides
  • All local tranpsportation.
  • Small groups: 4 – 8 persons. 
  • Accommodation for the Masterclass in Havana and Trinidad, – for original and substantial interactions between photo workshop participants.
  • International airfare & visa or airline baggage fees.
  • Meals and beverages – except breakfast at our hotel 
  • Fees for admissions, excursions, transportation and other events not listed on the itinerary 
  • Personal expenses such as: tips for guide, room-service, laundry, telephone calls, internet access 
  • Any travel, travel cancellation, equipment and/or medical care insurance.

Travel Basics

  • Participants make their own air travel arrangements to arrive in Havana in time for the first group meeting one day before the workshop starts.

    Book your commercial flights to the corresponding airport: Arrival and Departure Airport: Havana José Martí International Airport (HAV)

    Upon arrival in Havana, take a taxi to the hotel. Cost is approximately 30$/750 Pesos.

    An individuell pick-up at the airport is possible on request.

  • Cuba is still considered relatively safe for travelers. Violent crime is rare, and the majority of incidents involve non-confrontational crimes such as pickpocketing, scams, and petty theft, but walking alone with a camera in certain parts of town is not advisable. It is important to exercise common sense and remain vigilant by keeping an eye on your belongings at all times.
  • October to November

    – Temps 85/71 F 29/21 C Approx. Sunrise 7:26 | Sunset 7:04 (19:04)

    December to March

    – Temps 80/63 F 26/17 C Approx. Sunrise 7:10 | Sunset 6:17 (18:17)

    April to May

    – Temps 88/69 F 30/20 C Approx. Sunrise 6:56 | Sunset 8:00 (20:00)

Trip Preparation

  • We require all attending photographers to bring their own cameras (and 1-2 lenses) plus support gear (memory cards, extra batteries, charger, card reader, external hard drive for back-up, power adapter, small photo bag , pocket torch) We also encourage you to bring a lightweight tripod for photographing in low light situations.

    And if you wish, also bring your laptop to download your images for review & positive criticism.

  • It is your responsibility to get and secure your visa.

    Your air carrier or travel agency will help you with this, as the visa can also be purchased at the airport before departure.

  • Visitors to Cuba must have proof of valid medical insurance. Participants are responsible for ensuring all necessary documentation is current and valid.

Money must be converted to Cuban Peso. Non American VISA credit cards work in Cuba to take out money at an ATM or to pay in MLC shops, but it is always wise to bring cash, at best you have Euro, to get the best exchange rate to Peso, due to a high inflation.